The Essential Tools For Styling Your Wigs

The type of wig you have determines how you style that wig. Synthetic wigs cannot be styled in the same way natural or human hair wigs are. Unlike synthetic wigs, natural wigs can be subject to heat and dyed. Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, are too fragile for such manipulation.

Styling your wigs can either be done by yourself or professionals. If you’re going with the former, you need a few essential tools, which will be highlighted in this article. Note that these tools for styling your wigs are only applicable to natural hair wigs.

4 Basic Tools For Styling Your Wigs

Hair dyes

Hair dyes provide you with an alternative to getting different wigs’ colors and with lesser money spent. There are many options and colors to pick from, irrespective of your wig type.

You could transform your neutral-colored lace front wig to a burgundy lace front wig or any other color of your choice. Before using hair dyes for styling your wigs, watch out for those harsh chemicals and stick to quality hair dyes.

Hair clips and pins

These are pre-styling tools that help divide your wig into sections as you style. You won’t have difficulty with other hair strands getting in the way with these.

Shorter wigs don’t require many large clips and pins, except the style you’re going for is complex. Longer wigs on the other hand need larger pins and clips because of the length. It is advisable to always part your wig when brushing, using a flat iron, or curling with a curling iron.


These are the most basic of all the tools for styling your wigs. The perfect hairbrush for detangling is a Denman brush, and this works for all wig textures, mostly the curly ones.

Paddle brushes are suitable for straight wigs, while teasing brush gives your wig’s root more volume. Other basic brushes to have are rattail comb and boar bristle brushes. Both are useful in smoothing your wigs.

Flat irons and curling irons

Every woman needs a flat iron and curling iron because of the versatility of these tools. As the last on the list of basic tools for styling your wigs, they are quite important but could cause damage when wrongly used.

Flat irons could be ceramic or titanium; the former has an average heat temperature that can be regulated while the latter has a higher heat level which, when not controlled, can cause burns. In contrast, curling irons are of different types for different curl patterns: beach waves, corkscrew curls, or bangs.


When styling your wigs, you shouldn’t be excessively damaging your wig and ensure its long last. With the right tools and products, you can style your wigs effortlessly without revisiting the salon. Also, no specific product was mentioned here, so you have to find out the ones that work well with your wigs.