Spectacular Features of USB Document Camera

A USB document camera is the latest technology that is really compact, flexible, and easy to use. It is being widely used by people who want to present their work to a large number of audiences. This is because a high definition usb camera like this is more useful than it looks. If you have little knowledge on this subject, stay with us until the end to know more about this simple yet amazing device.

Basics of document cameras

Document cameras are known by many different names, but the most popular ones are visual presenters and doc cams. These devices capture real-time images, which are then shown to the viewers. These devices are designed in such a way that they can display 3D images that are magnified too. To be precise, they are just like ordinary web cameras but attached to a stick. This stick helps the presenter to get different camera angles which are very convenient.

Features of USB Camera Document

Following are some of the prominent features of the V500S USB camera document that make it stand out among all other devices used for education purposes.


The height of the USB camera document is 280mm, a width of 115mm, and the measurement of the depth is 330mm. The shooting area is maximum A3, equal to 420mm x 297mm.

Camera Quality

The camera sensor that is built-in is 8 megapixels Sony 1/ 3.2 inches CMOS sensor. The high-definition camera can digitally zoom up to 100x and gives a resolution of 3256 x 2440. It provides a frame rate of 30FPS. With the prices it comes, they are the cheapest teaching tool given its specification.


This camera document comes with a built-in digital microphone. This will help the teachers explain to the audience what is being shown on the screen with the same device that is being used for picture presentation without going through the hassle of connecting a separate mic.

Focus Mode

V500S sports a digital auto-focus mode. This mode focuses in a really short time which is really helpful in improving the video quality when the presenter is changing the material every now and then.

Design and Flexibility

The flexible design of this camera is specially made by keeping in mind the challenges teachers face during an online interactive class. This USB camera document has multiple joints in the stick, which can easily adjust the height and angle of the camera stick. While the camera joint, on the other hand, the camera joint can move up down as well as left and right. Because of this feature, you can see 2D and 3D objects.

Illumination System

This device has a built-in lighting system made up of 11 fill-ins LED lights, which brightens the audience to see clearly.


The built-in software in this device is called visualizer software which has many incredible features, and it also is compatible with Windows XP and above, with mac and with Chrome OS.


USB camera document is a perfect fit for you if you are in the teaching field. In this current pandemic situation, this tool could be of great help for the students as well as the teachers. If you want to buy it, just check it out in the store.