How to Identify A Fake Necklace

Everyone loves to buy necklaces that will stand the test of time and retain their beauty and quality. But because of the number of fake merchants globally, people are scared to buy necklaces online. Even with the creation of websites like, people find it hard to trust these sources. Instead, we prefer to go to the store to see the necklace we want to buy. There is nothing wrong with purchasing necklaces and other jewelry online. If you ever fall into the trap of any necklace store, it is because of your negligence. Fake online stores are never perfect with the fake setup on their website. There is always a sign to show that they are fake. Therefore, only a little research and patience will show it to you.

You are not making a wrong decision if you do not want to buy your necklace online. You will be making a terrible decision if you go there without knowing how to Identify a fake necklace when you see one. If you visit a store to buy a fake necklace, not only will you get angry that it is fake, you will also look down on yourself. The only thing is you may have the opportunity to visit the store and lodge a complaint. But for most fake stores, they know fully well that the necklace may be fake, so your complaint may mean close to nothing. Identifying your necklace’s realness is an important skill for anyone to have. Whether you are buying online or offline, you will need the information. If you purchased online, there is usually a return policy that allows you to return the necklace after your check. Here are some of the ways to check and confirm if a necklace is real or fake.

Too many details

When a brand is trying so hard to explain all about the necklace, it is likely that it is a fake brand. The idea is to choke you up with so many details that you forget to check. Of course, it is important to have details of the necklace you want to buy. But the most important details are the type of precious metals and crystals, their length and the design. When a brand starts to tell you about how good the metal is, then it is probably an overhyped necklace.

Test Your necklace

There are simple tests you can carry on your necklace to ascertain its authenticity. Diamond testers have become popular globally thanks to social media. Also, another important test you can take is the magnet test. This test works perfectly when you want to buy a gold or silver necklace. Both gold and silver are precious metals, but they do not possess one metallic feature, which is the magnetic feature. Both gold and silver do not attract magnets. So a simple magnetic test will determine the authenticity.


If you notice any form of inconsistency with the merchant you want to buy from, then suspect the seller. You can check simple things like the return policy, brand definition, certifications, and necessary licenses.