How Functional Are Nozzles In Pressure Washers?

Before you get to know how functional nozzles are in pressure washers, you have to be familiar with what exactly nozzles are. In pressure washers, nozzles are included to control the water flow. With the nozzles, the water in the washer touches the cleaning surface with regulated pressure.

Despite the usefulness of the nozzles in pressure washers, they cannot just be used anyhow; doing so would lead to inhibiting the pressure washer’s performance. Note that different types are meant for various tasks, as discussed further below.

The Types Of Nozzles In Pressure Washers

Nozzles in pressure washers usually come in 4 to 5 colors representing their respective uses. There is red, yellow, green, white, and black. These cannot be applied on the same surfaces as some are not as forceful as their partners.

0-degree nozzle  

This is the red nozzle, which has quite a forcefully direct hit on any surface it is sprayed on. It cannot be used for just any surface as it has quite the pressure, thereby having a high risk of causing damages. Although, it works perfectly in cleaning extremely high concrete and never on wood or any fragile surface.

15-degree nozzle

This one has a 15-degree range of spray, which means it sprays widely when used and doesn’t put out much force. The color yellow represents this nozzle, and it works well for getting rid of rust, dirt, and prepping surfaces for painting or staining.

25-degree nozzle

The green nozzle, also known as the 25-degree nozzle, is best for home-related purposes. Because its 25-degree angle applies very little pressure on surfaces and gets rid of debris faster, it can be used to clean vehicles, sidewalks, leaves, furniture, and any other surface that doesn’t extremely-set-in dirt.

40-degree nozzle

Home windows, car windows, flower vases, and blinds are all better off cleaned with a 40-degree nozzle. This nozzle is white, and as the color implies, it works best on delicate surfaces. It can also be used to rinse off soap and detergents.

65-degree nozzle

The 65-degree nozzle is also referred to as the soap nozzle, and as the name implies, it is only used for pumping out soap or detergent. With this, you don’t have to apply soap to any surface with your bare hands, as it is way more convenient using the nozzle.

In addition to the above nozzles, the turbo nozzles and the adjustable nozzles are also available. Turbo nozzles are used to remove tough stains if the other nozzles aren’t working. In contrast, adjustable nozzles enable you to switch to any degree you want without removing any nozzle, just like a 4-Mode Nozzle or even 6-mode.

Furthermore, the former is usually black or blue, while the latter doesn’t have a specific color. Also, both may not come with the pressure washers in some cases, so you may have to purchase them separately.


So, how functional do you think nozzles are in pressure washers? You don’t need to guess because now you know it all. From the strongest to the least tough nozzle, they are all in here for you to get to know.