Hair Bundles With Lace Closure; Definition And Making A Wig

The wig market is one of the most booming industries. Its success can get attributed to products like bundles with lace closures. Bundles with closures are ideal hair products you can use to create incredible hairstyles. They help women with thinning hair and those who want to protect their hair from damage. This post discusses all the basics of bundles with lace closure and how you can use them to create wigs.

What is a bundle with lace closure?

The most efficient way of defining a bundle with lace closure is by breaking it down and explaining each part separately. Firstly, a closure is the base of a wig. It is the part on which the hair strands are sewn. In simpler terms, it is the part of a hair extension or wig that helps keep the hair strands in place. Therefore, lace closure is a wig base made from lace material. This is one of the most versatile and flexible closure materials.

On the other hand, a hair bundle is a pack of hair extensions. The extensions can be sewn to create a wig or a weave. The part of the hair bundle that is sewn is known as the weft. The bundle can be made from different hair types, like human hair or synthetic hair.

Therefore, a bundle with lace closure is a pack of hair extensions with a base made from lace material. More often than not, the lace closure in the bundle usually features some hair sewn on it.

How to make a wig with bundles with lace closure

You can use your hair bundles with lace closure to create a wig. Below is a step by step guide for how you can achieve this;

Step 1: Preparation

You must start the process by gathering all the material you will require. In this case, you will need a mannequin head, a sewing set (needle, scissors, and a weaving thread), pins, a wig cap and stand, combs, and the bundle with closure. The preparation stage also involves measuring your head and using the measurements to cut the lace. This is the part that gets into direct contact with your head. You must also secure your mannequin head with tape or place it on a wig stand.

Step 2: Place the cap on the mannequin head and sew the hair bundles with lace closure

The next step is to get the wig cap on the mannequin head and start the sewing process. Prepare the hair bundles and start sewing them onto the cap one track after another. You may have to cut the longer tracks for them to fit. Comb after sewing each track to see how it looks.

Step 3: Sewing the lace closure

The next step is sewing the lace closure at the front of the cap. You will have to cut the cap in the exact measurements of the lace closure.


After completing the steps above, you can pluck or tweeze the hairs in the lace closure. Doing this will make it look more realistic and natural. It would help to cut off the excess cap and some loose hair. Finally, comb your hair and try it on.