Giraffe’s Pressure Washer: Compact Structure Yet Powerful

When looking to purchase a pressure washer, one pays a closer look at several specifications.  The Pounds per square inch(psi), length of the wand, the structure of the nozzle, soap tank, and convenient storing, take precedence over other features.

A tool that packs all or has at least two-thirds of the specifications passes as the ideal choice. Of course, cleaning intensity matters a lot. And you want a machine that lifts grime like a pro, leaving your decks and furniture in a pristine state and is easy to work with. Developers have been keen to design ergonomic washers that make your cleaning easier and fun. At the giraffe’s tool, you will find a pressure washer and power washer that adopt 2 in 1 structure.

You will fall in love with the retractable hose reel. It wounds the hose back into the spring reel enabling  you to fetch a length enough to wiggle around without exposing you and other users to the danger of tripping. Aside from that, they are portable and you can carry them with you to any point on your farm.

Other benefits include;

Giraffe’s pressure washer removes stubborn stains more efficiently than a garden hose

You see, a pressure washer combines PSI and water volume to dislodge the stain. The garden hose lacks such features and it’s how a pressure washer beats it. More so, it simplifies the cleaning process as you only require to adjust the nozzles according to your needs. That way, you forget about cleaning rugs, scraping brushes, and a stand to elevate your height.

A 2-in-1 piece is even more appealing. It packages the cord neatly and saves you the trouble of assembling it daily. All you need to do is reach out to your machine, tap the power node, and you are good to go.  And because it banks on pressure to lift grime, you will finish your cleaning in a blink of an eye.

The pressure washer is compatible with various surfaces

Pressure washing involves using cold water. Naturally, pressure and water volume combine to produce high pressure sufficient to give a dirty surface a facelift. But the downside is it is not friendly with paint and old wooden items. The golden rule is to play around with the nozzles and pressure when cleaning delicate surfaces.

But if you are a novice, stick with the guidelines. Use your pressure washer on wooden decks, patios, driveways, and concrete floors. However, you want to exercise caution and prevent ugly scenes whereby pressure disintegrates your old furniture or washes away paint forcing you to re-stain again.

Giraffe’s pressure washer has specifications ideal for homeowners

If you are looking to reduce cleaning time, a tool with more high cleaning power is indispensable. Giraffe’s pressure washer has a powerful motor (10AMP/1400W)  handling 1400Psi. These specs are ideal for homesteads as higher specs tend to be overkill.

The giraffe’s pressure washers come with nozzles that feature different angles ranging from 20° to 40° to spice up your cleaning experience. As you can see, they give you the discretion to increase or decrease the pressure according to your needs.

Final thoughts

A pressure washer should be your companion if you own a patio, walkways, or wooden decks. They are effective when cleaning stained surfaces as they combine the power of pressure, water volume, and detergents to lift grime like a pro. They come in two types; power and pressure washers. Your choice of a suitable machine narrows down to your cleaning needs. The gas-powered washer is ideal for commercial entities, homesteads can benefit from pressure washers with specs ranging from 1400Psi to 2200Psi.