Factors Contributing to The Cost of Car Phone Holder

With different types of car phone holders, there will be a wide price range, depending on some factors. For instance, the cost of a car dashboard phone holder may be more than that of the vent because it gives you a clearer view of the phone without taking your eyes entirely away from the front. In this guide, we will discuss some of the factors that come to play when determining the cost of any type of car phone holder.

Type of phone holder

Phone holders come in different types, shapes, and designs. Each one of the phone holders has a specific strategy to suit the needs of diverse users. There are various ways to categorize the type of phone holder you are purchasing. You can have the magnetic or spring kind of car phone holders, and these are categorized by how the phone will sit in the car phone holder. Another classification for car phone holders is where they are placed. Some of the most common places to put the car phone holder include the dashboard, windshield, air vents, and a cup. Getting a reputable brand that can specialize in providing all types is a bit hard. But Ugreen stands tall as one of the few brands you can trust.

Features of the phone holder

Car phone holder features will directly affect the cost of the product you are buying. Generally, the main aim of the phone holder is to hold the phone on a platform that is convenient for you to use while driving with little to no distractions. But innovation in this world is constantly growing, and today, there are many car phone holders from top brands like Ugreen that can charge your phones. Hence, if you are going for a long trip, you will not need to bother about your phone’s battery reduction.


A warranty is a company’s way of saying, “Hey, we trust the manufacturing process in this item, and we can assure you that it will not get spoiled within this timeframe.” It is a good way for a customer to build trust in the brand and the quality of their products. For instance, any Ugreen product you buy comes with a 2-year warranty after your purchase. That means if there are any damages within two years, you can get a replacement or repair. This warranty indicates the quality, and as such, it will contribute to the cost.


Car phone holders come in different shapes, designs, and qualities. Each of these designs will affect how much you pay for the product. More importantly, the brands have the most say in determining the price of a car phone holder. Only the brand can estimate how much cost was put into the materials and every stage of the production process. Hence, they have full rights to put up a price for each product. However, some brands purposely increase costs without delivering quality. To avoid such brands, the Ugreen car phone holders are one of the best choices.