Effective Hot Tub Exercises For Strength And Flexibility

What better way to maintaining good health than to take a relaxing soak in your hot tub. While there are evident outcomes of the benefits of hot water therapy, its benefits are not fully explored. An exercise in your hot tub can improve your strength and flexibility by increasing your blood flow and improving your muscle mobility.  This article explores the right hot tub exercises for strength and flexibility.

Easy hot tub exercises for strength and flexibility

Hot tub soak gives you perfect blood circulation and relaxes your muscles, making you feel more energized and flexible. This is good therapy for muscle injuries and a perfect pre-workout plan.

1. Pre-workout hydrotherapy

Pre-work helps prepare your body for strenuous workouts; hydrotherapy helps in loosening up your muscles and warming up your joints. For better results, soak yourself in the hot tub to allow complete relaxation of the muscles.

2. Water aerobics

Water aerobics or aquatic fitness is exercising in water; this type of exercise improves your body fitness without strenuous workouts. Water aerobics is mostly done with people with injuries and cannot strain their joints and muscle. When immersed in water, pressure is exerted on the whole body, increasing blood circulation, which improves the functioning of the heart.

Walking in place is a good water aerobic workout; you don’t have to own a big hot tub, and a hot tub with over 4 feet seating areas is enough.

3. Limb exercises

The best way to exercise your limbs without putting too much pressure on the muscles is through water aerobics. When in water, you have to ensure that you work on your quadriceps femoris and the hamstrings, which are powerful muscles. Bend and stretch your legs in intervals to engage the leg and thigh muscles. Try flexing your elbows by doing the bicep curls.

Put your hands on the hamstrings muscles behind the knee, bend the knee to your chest for some time, stretch the leg and do the same with the other knee. Remember, your back should remain straight and comfortable.

4. Water yoga

Water yoga performs yoga techniques in water intending to achieve physical fitness, increase mobility and flexibility. Aqua yoga is a known yoga technique that requires you to do Asanas, a pose that involves balancing, stretches, and twists. These poses are beneficial for mental and physical wellness.

Performing the Asanas in water improves your brain memory; try out other yoga poses to engage other body muscles.


Elderly or people who have arthritis and joint pain may find it difficult to engage in difficult exercises. Aquatic fitness is the best remedy for joint and arthritis pain relief; it is a type of resistance exercise that requires no heavy lifting. The water resistance helps in resistance exercising which improves strength and flexibility.

Water exercising increases your muscle mass and improves your bone density. As much as aqua exercising is beneficial, all safety precautions should be followed. First, you must not perform these exercises alone; secondly, check with your physician if you are physically fit to undertake these or any other exercises.